Monday, February 2, 2009

Help, please...

I am going itch crazy. This is weird. Yesterday I seemed to develop an itch on my right hand, between my ring finger and middle finger. The area was red, hot and very itchy. Eventually it became a wee bit painful as I could feel the skin stretching. It is slightly swollen.

Today I have developed the itch on my left "pointing" finger and a bit on the small finger. Now, here is where it gets weird. I have a small area of swelling and itch near the outside corner of my left eye. Also...near my tail bone. It feels hot, swollen and itchy.

I can't figure out what this is. Does it sound like an allergic reaction? Dermititis? Eczema? I always tell the kids, "just don't itch"...ha! This is killer! I just can't itch enough. I've tried calling the doctors office, but I don't think anyone is in today. I'm about to get some sand paper and start tearing it all up!

Thanks for any advice or suggestions anyone can make. I'd really appreciate it.

Jill Marie

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*Tracy* said...

hmmmmm dont no what that could be, hope it goes away for you soon! take care. hugs