Friday, January 16, 2009


I cannot believe that it is already Friday again. Has it already been a week? I feel like I haven't slept in a week. I feel like I haven't gotten a thing done all week. I am tired, so tired.

I apologize for missing days and post's on here. Suffice it to say I've been a wee bit distracted and have not gotten a lot of anything done lately.

Good News---I got a letter from David yesterday. He has been promoted to Squad Leader. I am so proud of him. I don't know much about the service, but I would have to guess that they must have seen something special in him to do that. I'm sure that it's wonderful each and every time someone in the service gets a promotion or special recognition. I just think how great it is that even in Basic Training they saw something special in David and recognized it. This Mom is just bursting with pride.

More Good News---I just heard that my nephew, who is serving in Korea, will be promoted to Tech Sgt. I know his Dad and Cathy are just as proud of him too.

Finally, good news, we've been needing it around here.

In other news, the little thing on my computer is telling me that it is currently -11 degree's outside. BRRRRRRRR! The heater just keeps running and running and it is still cold in here. I'm getting ready to close all the bedroom doors and just huddle up with Rylie in the living room under a big comforter.

Have a good weekend and stay warm!
Jill Marie


Tracy said...

congrats to david and your nephew for being promoted! hope you can get some rest. have a great weekend. hugs

Bill said...

Good for David!!! I also commend you Nephew. I spent many years in the MIlitary and yes, it is a good thing to be recognized. Even though it usually means more work it also means more privlege.
Keep Warm.
Regards, Bill