Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Remedy--Dandruff

When my youngest son was little he had a terrible problem with dandruff. I found this remedy and tried it on him. Although he hated the smell, it worked great.

Pour distilled white vinegar onto the hair, as close to the scalp as you can manage; massage into the scalp; and allow to dry for several minutes before washing as usual. Repeat daily until the dandruff disappears, usually within a few days.

Last night I played around with my Paint Shop and posted a few pictures from when we took David up to Detroit Airport in my photo blog, Jill Marie's Memories. I miss that boy and hope he is doing well. They have some very big training coming up and I know he was a little bit worried about it. One of the training procedures is when they are going to be put into a forest (or something) for 3 days and they can't sleep for the entire 3 days. There are also some rifle and live ammunition trainings coming up.

I know he is a bit worried about the rifle exercises because of his lazy eye. His eye is the reason they first denied sending him to basic training. He got letters from his congressman, high school principal and an optometrist and sent them in. He won his fight to get in, but I have a feeling he has to work really hard to stay in. He just has to make it a few more weeks, till he graduates from basic and begins AIT. Hopefully, once he completes basic he won't have to worry about them sending him home.

I am so proud of him for finding something that he is so passionate about. Something that he is willing to fight for his right to do. Can you imagine? This young boy fighting for his right to serve his country when there are so many who would try to come up with every excuse not to? I've heard of some families who said they would send their children up to Canada if the draft came back. How could I not be proud of my son, his moral character, his sense of values and patriotism? When I think of it all...I feel as though I am about to burst with pride and love for this child of mine.

Samantha is proving to be a child...yes, at 20 years old I still consider her a child...that I am very proud of too. She bought her single wide in September and is making it into a very nice little home for herself. She got a new job and is looking into getting another part-time job. I worry that she is going to over work herself, but then I wonder how many parents can say that these days. Then job she got was through an agency, so they continue to take their "take" out of her earnings. Which means she is making less money and that is just not a good thing during this economy. She got a call back for a part-time job at Tan Pro, or some place like that. I hope she gets the job but I hope she doesn't have to work there for long.

Christopher, my youngest son, seems to be going through one of those teen stages. He will turn 17 in February. His teachers say that he is an extremely smart boy. He is even in advanced Biology. Yet he doesn't do the work necessary to maintain a passing grade. Although when he does bother to do homework the teachers tell us that it is A and high B work. It is extremely frustrating. It one of those things where I look at this child and wonder how someone so smart can be so.....grrrr! Well, you know..."unintelligent".

Miss Rylie, the baby, just can't seem to shake the cold she picked up shortly before Christmas. The poor thing is so congested and she wakes up almost every two hours. I told her dad that I had that schedule when she was a baby and now it's his turn. LOL She is just tired a lot and very grumpy. Yep, a real joy to be around. I feel bad for the lil' pumpkin. She was slow to talk and a real mumbler and with this cold it feels like old times. It is so hard to understand her because of the congestion. I keep asking her to repeat herself and she just gets frustrated and says "neber bine" (never mind). Poor baby, it was easier for me to understand her gibberish than her "cold" speak.

So that is what is going on around here.! I'm just trying to get everything done in the mere 24 hours I am granted in a day. I don't know, does anyone else think the hours got shorter in 2009? It sure seems that way to me. I get up, do all the things that need to get done (or at least try to) and before I know's time to start dinner. Where the heck are the day's going?!

Take care and have a beautiful day.
Jill Marie


Bill said...

I'm glad you had a good time with David and I'm sorry that you all will miss each other. I know he will do well.
Now, the dandruff. I had a very bad case when I was in my 40s. A cop in a dark blue uniform with snow covered shoulders is not good. I used listerene. It worked great but, stung a little. I would wah my hair with dial soap and the wash it again with the mouth wash.
My Regards, Bill

Indigo said...

I knew a woman who had gorgeous hair, she used to rinse her hair in a 1/4 cup of vingegar to a gallon of water. Apparently soap, and conditioner coat the hair frociles and make it weaker.

I loved the collage you did of David's departure. Gary (Skye's husband) left on the 2nd to go to Detroit, from there he's going on to Iraq. My daughter is beside herself working like a madwoman so she doesn't have to think about it. I worry about her, she's coming for dinner tonight after work.

I hope poor little Rylie feels better soon hon. (Hugs)Indigo