Monday, December 8, 2008

I made it...

I almost forgot to tell ya, last night I finally got around to trying two of the homemade detergent recipes I posted last month. I gave the information in the post, Homemade soaps... and just hadn't gotten around to making it until last night. I made the dishwasher detergent and the second recipe for laundry detergent.

I ran the dishwasher last night and am pleased to report that the dishes came out just as clean as when I use store bought detergent. I made the laundry soap last night and am washing a load of clothes as we speak. I can tell you this, I used Ivory soap in my mix, and the detergent itself smells nice and fresh. Like...well...soap, lol. I also was able to make enough to fill 2 empty 78 oz laundry soap bottles, and then a wee bit more.

Ray is freaking out that I was going to use Borax and Super Washing soda in the dishwasher. "On our dishes? Isn't that like SOAP?" Uh...what did he think dishwasher detergent was? It's not like it doesn't get rinsed off. Duh...

So he is all worried about using soap/detergent in the dishwasher, but then he asked me if the laundry detergent I made would really get the clothes clean. Am I missing something here? He thinks this stuff is too harsh for our dishes, but won't clean the clothes... What did he think our great grandmothers used before they began making Tide and all the other stuff? My philosophy is that NEW does NOT always mean better.

Yeah, it may save me the 20 or so minutes a month to just buy the soaps. However, I'll gladly spend that 20 minutes every month to save the money I'd be spending on detergents at the store. Matter of fact...there's an idea. I should start a "Soap Jar". I'll put the money that I would have spent on detergents in there. Then when I need to buy some more borax, washing soda, or bar soap...I'll take the money out of the jar. I bet at the end of the year I have a pretty penny saved up. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do that. Let's see, I'll just take an average on what detergents cost. So, for laundry soap...say $5 for every 78 oz jug will go into my jar. For dishwasher detergent, I get the cheap stuff, so $2 for every container I make will go into the jar.

Oh...Momma is gonna get a new pair of shoes and then some, by the time next year rolls around. WooHoo!

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Tracy said...

wow this is a great idea! theres this huge family of like 17 or 18 cant remember duh :P on tv on tlc channel i think? they make all there own soap to save money. love all the great tips you share. hugs