Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Cleaning Tip--Removing Ink Stains and other stuff

I found this tip for ink stains years ago and have been using it since then. It really works well.

Ink Stains: The best way I have found to get out ink stains is to put rubbing alcohol on the stain - it disappears! This must be done before washing.

For ink on the wall, you can try using alcohol. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't work as well. Perhaps it depends on the ink. When the alcohol doesn't quite work I will wipe the ink marks with bleach and they disappear.

If you have run out of alcohol, try using a baby wipe to remove the ink stain. Baby wipes usually have alcohol in them.

I've also used hairspray when I had run out of alcohol. Hairspray also has alcohol it in and works well at removing ink stains.

If you've tried everything to get ink off the wall and it just won't budge, then your last resort may have to be to re-paint that area. Be sure to prime the spot first though. If you do not use a primer the ink may just bleed through the new coat of paint.

Things have been a wee bit hectic around here. We had Christmas at my mothers on Saturday and it was a blast. Then David had a 23rd birthday party at his house on Saturday night. Sunday I took Stephanie and Samantha down to Bowling Green to shop at Steve & Barry'. The store was closing and it was their last day. We got some mega awesome deals. I bought 5 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts, a skirt and a purse for Rylie and only spent 11 dollars. Wooohoooo! Then the girls and I went shopping at the Goodwill where we found some more great deals.

Yesterday I took my car into the body shop. It was hit while it was parked on the street about 2 weeks ago. Luckily, it was hit by an honest person and they had insurance. I should have the car back at the end of the week. In the meantime, I am driving a Buick Lucerne that the insurance company is paying for. I love this car...I wonder if they'll take my ole Bonneville instead and let me keep this beauty. LOL

Rylie is doing much better. She still has a head cold that just won't go away. She is using it to her full advantage though and getting away with murder with her father. The past 6 months of her sleeping in her own bed has been thrown out the window by her (insert sarcastic voice here) ever intelligent father. He's created this problem by allowing her to climb into bed with us and now expects me to rectify the situation. Of course, as usual, he allows her to do whatever and spoil her and then makes me be the bad guy and put my foot down to fix his "bleep"-up. Grrrr! I am more than a little annoyed with him at the moment.

Other than that...things are just peachy. LOL
Have a beautiful day.
Jill Marie

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Bill said...

I hope that your 2009 is great for you and the family.