Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An award? For me? Oh, Thank You Sugar!

I received a message from Sugar yesterday to stop by her blog and pick up my award. Unfortunately this award does not come with a cash prize. No, it's even better than that. It's simply recognition from a fellow blogger which sometimes is just the nicest thing to hear.

It's nice to know that there is someone out there who reads whatever little ramblings I have going on over here and maybe even finds it interesting. So to Sugar, "Thank you ever so much hun. I really appreciate it."

*About the Marie Antoinette award - Real Blogs - Real People, that's going around. This is an award for those that write about real things, not necessarily on every entry, but those who share information about themselves or where they live, what is happening in their area or in the world. What a wonderful way to give some recognition and appreciation to those who write and share a bit of their lives with us.

This award is for sharing so be sure to pass it on to other people. Here are the rules, (as I received them):

1. Please put the logo on your journal - Real Blogs/Real People.
2. Place a link from the person, from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate as many as you want (2-10, with 7 being ideal).
4. Put the links of those on your journal.
5. Leave a comment on their journal to let them know.
6. Put the award on your sidebar, if you want.

The following are my choices for the Marie Antoinette Award, in no paticular order:

Coastal Comfort - Linda is a fun loving wife, mom and totally awesome photographer. She has a very talented daughter who dances and Linda is very proud of her. She's just one of those people who seems to have it all together. Sometimes she writes and I just want to reach out and hug her and other times she has me rolling on the floor laughing.

Problem Solvin' Mom - Wow...I thought I had it pretty well together until I stumbled across Steph's blog. I sometimes wonder where she even finds the time to blog at all, but she does and welcomes you to join her as she writes about "family, hobbies, health & fitness, and balancing work & home life." It is definately worth the time to stop by and see what is keeping her busy this week, or check out what latest tips or advice she has to offer.

Carpe Diem - Dawn's title, personal phrase and what she strives for each day is the latin motto which means "seize the day". She does this while dealing with 3 kids, a husband (which most of us know is like having another child who happens to be the most stubbon one, lol), 2 parents, 2 chronic diseases and a brain tumor. Dawn does it all and makes me feel like..."what the hay maker is my problem?" And makes me think that perhaps I should try drinking coffee if it really gives her all the energy to get through her day.

Life in Caneyhead - Barb is wonderful. When I go to her blog it is really like visiting one of my neighbors and makes me feel calm. I love the stories she tells. She is telling us of her "walk with Jesus", but it is so unlike listening to some people talk about the Lord. I never feel as if Barb is preaching to me or looking down on anyone who may believe differently that herself. She is sharing her story and her faith in God. After all, isn't that what one is suppose to do? I continue to read and hope that one day my faith will be as strong as Barbs is.

(*Don't misunderstand, I do believe. I just think that believing may not be enough and I have to find something MORE.)

Bears Den - This is Bill's blog, he is from Las Vegas and I just began reading here recently. If your looking for a blog from a REAL person about everyday REAL life...this is definately that. When I first heard the title "Bears Den"...I automatically pictured a scene from Saturday Night Live with the Bears fans sitting around a table smoking cigars, talking about the Chicago Bears. LOL But Bill writes about his days with his wife living an ordinary life. It's a great place to visit and I hope you check it out.

...and finally, I wanted to include a blog from around here (Toledo), so I went on a search and came across this one from Rose.

Rose's Reasonings - She is a mother to 4 and writes about her belief in Christ and how she came to the point she is at in her faith today. I especially like the entries about how she came to church. We are kind of different in a lot of ways, especially (from what I read) on political views, although I have nothing (much) against Republicans. Heck, I was married to one once. LOL However, I like the way she writes about her faith and is so open to sharing it with her readers. It does occassionally come across a bit preachy, but that may be my own thing because of the political views that were discussed that were so different than mine. I am not a big fan of Joe Wurzelbacher, where as she is. However, if your reading to learn more and want to learn about another view, it's a good place to visit. I hope I haven't offended Rose, that certainly is not my intention.

Yeah, you're probably seeing a trend here. Alot of the same blogs that I've mentioned before in one of the meme's. By the way...what does meme mean? Remember, I'm just a simple blonde housewife from Ohio...sometimes I can be a wee bit ditzy. I've seen the word before, but I'm just wondering where it came from and what it mean exactly.

Anyway! There I went rambling AGAIN. There all good reads and if you want to just check them out. I hope everyone will continue on with the award and share your choice of Real life blogs with us.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Jill Marie


Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Thanks for your sweet comments, and the award!! :)

Happy Wednesday,

Sugar said...

yw, i don't comment often...but i read your posts!
i see you have 2 blogs listed i don't know, so i'll have to visit. :)

Bill said...

Thanks for the honor of mentioning me in your Journal. I kinda' figure most of what I write is just my boaring life.
My Regards, Bill

Rose~ said...

Thanks for the award, Jill Marie. Nice to meet someone from around these parts.

... even if she does think I'm 'preachy' lol


Sharon said...

Awwww what a great award! Lil ole me? Thank you thank you thank you. You deserved it for sure!!
Hugs pal!

Barbara said...

Jill I feel totally humbled by your words about me and my blog. And I am honored that you chose me for this award.

Indigo said...

Congratulations dear friend well deserved! I read all but one I think. (Hugs)Indigo