Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mom's email...

Well, my mom finally found me over here in my new little blog home. (((waving hello))) She read my entry, on Monday, about Rylie and I making molasses cookies. She sent me the following email.

"Well, this is what I would have written, but I couldn't read the "letters" in order to post it and I don't have a Google account.

No, Jill's Mom did not do all the things that Jill does with her little princess. She is such a great Mom and she didn't learn it from me. This from the girl who had her Mom and Grandma doing everything and didn't learn how to cook till she got married. I'm pretty proud of all that Jill does. She is not "just"...she has endured alot and has really turned out to be an extraordinary person."

Oops, well I changed the format so ya'll shouldn't have to type in the letters to leave a comment now. I hope that helps. Of course, I had to write back and tell her how much her email means to me.

I think that no matter how old you are, a pat on the back from Mom will always mean a lot to you. Probably more so when you are older. You're really able appreciate it a lot more now than when you were a kid. Heck, when your a kid Mom is just old and doesn't really know much about anything. When you're an adult though...it just all changes.

Ouch...when did I reach the age when I realized how wise Mom is and how grateful I am for her? Well, not like I never appreciated her or how grateful I am for her. But wow...I'm old...I must be...I'm getting wiser. LOL

Hm, well we have been through alot. A LOT. I was very angry for a long time and I'm sorry for that. For wasting time. For mis-directing some of my anger. I love you Mom.


In other news...to those who think your vote doesn't matter...tonight I know mine did and I'm proud to be an American. It was an exciting day for us and for Rylie. We went and exercised one of the greatest gifts and rights of the American citizen today, we voted. We even went and picked up a few others and made sure they made it to the polls. How exciting to know that you helped a 41 year old go to the polls for the first time in their lives to vote.

Then we celebrated, in the usual working persons way, and took Rylie to Burger King for dinner. Rylie was extremely excited about the day and kept repeating the name of our candidate and telling us he was gonna win. (I hope so, baby.) I must make a confession...I taught her to "boo" when she hears the other candidates name.

Now we are sitting and watching the results come in. What a beautiful day it was today...I hope the evening continues to unravel in the same way.

Have a blessed night.
Jill Marie


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Thats a fantastic 'comment' from your Mom. Now it gets the spotlight it deserves, so I'd say that worked out for the best.

I took my daughters with me to vote today. I think it's pretty important for them to see what it's all about. LOL I didn't teach them the boo concept thought :o)

It has been a great day~

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Thats a great comment from your Mom

Indigo said...

What a beautiful comment from your mom. And yes, your anger is a lot like my own daughters was toward me. I was once told anger is the root of fear.

I think it was beautiful to share this experience with several others. Teaching someone how to vote for the first time, more so that Rylie was there to experience it as well.

It was a truly a historical awesome day and outcome. (Hugs)Indigo