Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh crap...can I say that on "blog"?

Yeah...uh, thanks a whole heck of a lot Indigo (((insert sarcastic tone))). Indigo has "tagged" me. You know, that game from our childhood..."tag! your it!" I hated being it, still do. Oh well...I'm gonna be a good sport, but don't ya all get to thinkin' you can hit me with this stuff all the time. LOL

Okay, in this game you have to list 6 things about yourself that people may not know about you. This helps us all get to know each other better. Personally, I'd prefer if you just ask me to go out for a drink with ya. Hey...does that count as my number one? LOL Anyway, then you tag 6 others to play the game too. Um...looking at my list of readers...looks like most of you are gonna get tagged. Oh, and include a link to the person who tagged you. For me that would be the lovely Indigo of Scream Quietly.

By the way, even though Indigo is on my chit list at this moment, if you haven't been by her blog you should check it out. I am always deeply touched whenever I read anything written by Indigo. I have a feeling that her grocery list would even make me feel something. She's just one of those truly blessed people who writes exceptionally well.

Okay...I hate getting personal...about me, that is, but here goes...

1. Looking up, looks like that is my number one. Getting personal about me. I find myself to be quite boring and generic. Nothing special going on here...just a mommy and housewife. I don't open up much until I feel like I've gotten to know someone pretty well.
I guess some people probably find me a bit...oh, let's say...distant. At least, until I get to know them and feel like they are someone I want to get to know better.

2. I loved acting. I used to love to put on plays as a child. I played by myself alot and had quite an imagination. In high school I was in the drama club and participated in a lot of plays. I even kept it up with the local theatre for a few years after I was married. I always wanted to go either to NY or Hollywood.

3. I never took the acting any further because I was too afraid of the unknown. Part of the reason I married the first male to show any real interest in me. I just wanted out of my fathers house and marriage seemed the only real option for me. Talk about limiting yourself. My lack of self-confidence and esteem was probably my biggest downfall.

4. I wear a mask that covers a lot of deep scars. Indigo wrote about unmasking ourselves in this task. I'm not sure how much of that mask I'm willing to remove here. I find myself writing, deleting, re-writing and deleting a lot of this. LOL Sorry Indigo...not gonna see a whole lot here.

5. I like to sing karaoke. LOL But I'm a lot more confident after at least 2 drinks.

6. I'm anal. About personal history (re: arguments between Ray and myself.). About my house and being organized. I have paid bills that go back for years. I even fold my panties. LOL My towels have to be folded just so. I'll say thank you if someone helps me...then once their back is turned...I'll do it the "right" way.

Okay, here is where I'm probably gonna make some "frie-nemies", lol. Don't hate me (((pointing at Indigo))), it's her fault! LOL

Sharon--Coastal Comfort I love to visit Sharon's place. She has such a busy life, there is always something going on, sometimes I wonder where she finds the time. She is definitely one person I wish I could visit. I'd love to sit on the beach and have a few frozen drinks with her. She also takes the most amazing photographs.

Sugar--Sugar Shack Sugar has some of the most beautiful graphics over at her lil' spot. She is very talented and if your looking for something special to dress up your blog for the holidays, you should really pay her a visit. She's really special, so much pain and yet so much beauty.

Linda--Diary of a bottled blonde (Oops, sorry I had that wrong and just saw it) Okay...if I need a laugh...I'm almost guaranteed to find it over here. Some of the things that come out of her mouth...well, it's something we've probably thought...but might not say out loud. Well, not in front of Aunt Bea anyway. You can tell from her profile picture that she has a really good sense of humor.

Kat--The big journey to change my life I don't know Kat that well, except that she turns 40 in May (hey, you have that right on your blog) and that she is "all of us". Putting everyone else before herself and attempting to change that a little bit. Although, as most of us do...she continues to put everyone else before herself. If you see her doing it, by way of her post, call her out on it. Half the time we don't realize we're doing it until someone points it out to us. Good luck on you journey Kat! (((whispers, "glad it's not me, cuz I'd fail")))

Dawn--Carpe Diem Well, I didn't know that Mom's were actually able to stay sane until I read about it at Dawn's. Apparently it requires a LOT of coffee. Which is where my problem is since I don't like the stuff. Dawn's a real inspiration, 3 kids, 1 hubby, 2 parents, 2 chronic diseases, and a brain tumor. Stop by and say hello if you get a chance.

Barbara--Life in Caneyhead How many blogs do you have Barb? Like a half dozen? LOL Barb always has some great stories to tell and words of inspiration. She's the good and solid person we all wish we could be more like. I want to be more like Barb when I grow up.

Well, I don't know how ya'll are going to feel about me tagging you. If you're good with it...have fun. If you don't like it at all...I'm still pointing at Indigo. LOL

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
Jill Marie


swmpgrly said...

I will do this one as soon as my 2 yr old granddaughter goes

Indigo said...

It was worth being on the chit list *winks*. It's a great exercise to do once in awhile to remind ourselves there is more to us than meets the eye...

I'm delighted to learn even more about you. Such as the acting. Do you ever think of taking it up now in a small theatre by you? I've always said I would rather be considered a bitch, in order to get to know someone than give in to trust so easily and find myself hurt. Nothing wrong with being reserved.

Paul gave up trying to help me around the house for the same reason you have. I end up redoing everything the way I want it done. It's not anal, just a sort of orderly control. Keeps things least that's what I tell myself.

Thanks for doing this, I don't regret choosing you. You still opened up more than I think you even knew you could. ((Huge hugs)) because I know it wasn't easy. Love Ya Indigo

Jane said...

There is NOTHING wrong with folding knickers OR with having your towels properly folded either. It's called having standards!! I do both, in fact I bet I could out-anal you any day Missy. Do you fold the lavatory paper neatly before you use it? Ha! See? :O))

As for your not spilling your heart out to all and sundry, well good for you. You come from decent English stock, am I right? That so called English stiff upper lip and coolness is actually a very civilised reserve and a dislike of burdening others with our own personal problems. We're the last of the Stoics. Modest too. Tell no-one anything then they've got nothing on you - a thought worth keeping imho :O)

Love your blog btw.