Sunday, November 23, 2008

ONLY 4 days! Oh my...

Okay, I was sitting down to type out a list of DONE and TO DO LISTS and figured I'd just go ahead and make an entry based on my lists. So here they are.


Desserts & Candies:
Chocolate and Cherry center truffles
Cherry Walnut Balls
Pecan Tassies
Brownie Tassies
Ande's Mint Cookies
Roasted Peanut Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Macaroons ready to dip in chocolate
Molasses Cookie dough-rolled and ready to bake
Sugar cookie dough mixed up and in fridge

Cream cheese & Ham Crescent roll-ups

Master Bathroom- do a quick touch up Weds. nite
Main Bathroom- do a quick touch up Weds. nite
Living Room
Dining area
All rugs shampooed
Cleaned Master bedroom- & washed bedclothes

Turkey is now in the fridge & defrosting


Wash bedroom curtains
Bake and frost Sugar Cookies
Re-shampoo tough stains in living areas
Do some laundry

Sweep and mop linoleum floors
Clean Ray's office (okay, it's a least vaccum)
Clean Rylies room & shampoo carpet

Quick touch up on bathrooms
Vaccum carpets
Clean up this & that as Ray & Ry mess it up :)
Put side dish ingredients out and the cookware they'll be made in
Make sure I have enough soda and stuff
Plates, silverware and cups

Thursday Morning:
Take a deep breath because I won't have a chance to breath until after dinner is done and everyone is eating.

Okay, some may look at these list and think 1) She is soooo anal. (Uhh, yeah, that's my life in general.) 2) Looks like it's about all done. Well, I look at this list and think "Oh my gosh! I've only got one appetizer ready to go?!" Okay, calm down. I do have the stuff all on hand to make my hot spinach dip...uh, I take that back. I need the parmesan cheese and the nacho's for dipping. Stephanie is bringing cream cheese and ham roll ups. Aimee is bringing either a pie or a cheese cake I'll need to double check on that, because if she is bringing a cheese cake then I'll make some pumpkin pie.

Yeah, I already have the turkey in the fridge. It is a big ole 22 lb bird and I want to make sure it is not still frozen on the inside. I've had the problem before. I've also been thinking about brining the bird this year. It sounds like it would really add a lot of flavor to the turkey. Does anyone else brine their turkey, or have you ever done it? I'd really like to know what others think and if they would recommend it. LOL, like I need something more to do, right?

Yeah, I'm a gluten for punishment. I make myself crazy by over doing and making way more than is necessary. I just want everyone to have a good day and lots of food to enjoy. I want to make the day perfect for everyone else. I do my best but in the end I always feel like I messed up something or forgot to do something.

Well, that's my list as I have it...I'm sure I will be adding more things to my to do list as I think of them. Which reminds me...I was gonna make some White chocolate chip chocolate cookies. Okay...I've got things to do. See ya in the morning!

Jill Marie


swmpgrly said...

I read today that you should give a frozen turkey 24 hours for every 5 pounds.

Barbara said...

Sounds like you have a hit planned! Just leave yourself time to mingle and enjoy the day as well. ;o)

Indigo said...

Linda is right, I've got a 19 lb. and took it out of the freezer last night and left it in the kitchen sink. It's still frozen solid. I'll leave it out today and put it in the refrig at night.

No wonder your stressed, I'm stressed just reading your to do list.

As for a moist Turkey, I've never brined it, have no idea what that even is. I use an old Victorian concept. I take Apple Cider, cut up apples and oranges, spice with anise, thyme, Italian seasoning, pepper, onion salt..rosemary. Might be a few more spices. It's just in my head, not a recipe per say.

I make sure the Turkey is laced up good, And I put the above mixture in the cavity of the bird, instead of stuffing. It makes the best gravy when these juices leak out of the bird. The mixture isn't something you would serve, it's only purpose is to keep the bird moist. I've NEVER had a dry Turkey doing this. It takes about an hour, hour and half more cook time, but so worth it.

That's my take on Turkey *winks* (Hugs)Indigo