Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Corral

Turn off music playing on the right side to hear audio.

Okay, obviously I do NOT know what the haymaker I am doing. I go through all that and end up with the video in a new entry...then I copy the lil' embed code on that (the video here) and am able to post it to my last entry and it works! What the molasses is up with that?!

Ha! And now when I've typed after the video...the video disappears. . . Ohmahgosh! I don't know. Do I look like a techie to you? I'm baffled, but I have other things to do, so look below to see the video. I don't know where the heck this one went. LOL

1 comment:

Indigo said...

I haven't figured out a way around this. In the end I just type everything I want in the entry and add the video last. (Hugs)Indigo