Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby wipes, germs, baggage and sugar

"What the...Baby wipes, germs, baggage and sugar?! How did I manage to connect all of this into one entry? Read on to get into the inner workings of the mind of this blonde housewife.

This (Healthy Living Article) is the reason I carry a small package of baby wipes in my car.

The worst kinds of bacteria were found in cars in humid climates such as in Florida, while molds were rampant in cars in cold places like Chicago. “They act like a refrigerator in Chicago and a sauna in Florida,” Gerba says.

Protective Step: Wipe down the surfaces of your car with disinfectant wipes. Minimize eating in your car as much as possible; food is a major cause of bacteria. If you must eat while on the go, vacuum up any particles left on the seats, upholstery and carpet.

Okay, I also have a four year old who can be quite messy wherever she is, so it may not be the only reason why I keep them in the car. I actually began keeping baby wipes in the car several years ago. You'd be amazed at how well they clean up the dust and how often they come in handy when your on the go.

It's amazing the "baggage" we carry around when we have children and a man in our lives. Yep, after the kids come we all upgrade to a larger bag. Mine is slightly smaller than a baby bag. It always has gum, chapstick (which Rylie calls her lipstick), a baggy with baby wipes, a baggy with pretzels or some other snack and sometimes even a small drink. If the ol' man is with us I also, inevitably, end up carrying his keys, sunglasses & his "I can't read this" glasses, lighter and smokes. So I have to carry a big old bag or else I wouldn't have room for my drivers license and a stick of gum!
I remember, after my divorce and before I met Raymond, I went to the bank one day and the teller commented on my purse. She was amazed that I was able to fit all my "stuff" in it. It was probably about 4" x 7" and little more than an envelope. I kept a wee folder thing that held my license and bank card, a sm. coin purse, my lipstick and keys in it. That was about all I needed wherever I went.

LOL...I just had a thought. Maybe I'll get that wee lil' purse back out. I'll fold it up and put it in my big old bag that I carry around now. Then the next time we all go somewhere and Ray ask's me to put his "stuff" in my purse...I'll just pull out the lil' purse and hand it to him. ROFLMBO! Oh, can you imagine the dirty look I would get? Well, I could always put a NASCAR pin on it to make it more "manly".

LOL...oh the lack of sleep last night makes me so much more amusing to myself. Yeah...for some reason I couldn't sleep last night. So I was up...late. I finally got on the computer and started playing around with some pictures. I also made a new title for my photo blog, Jill Marie's Memories. I finally laid down around 2 am and who knows what time I finally fell asleep, I think the last time I looked at the clock it was around 2:45 am.

Well, I guess I'll take my 4 hours +minutes and be thankful that I was able to get that. It's been a while since I've had insomnia, I hope this doesn't become a "usual" thing again. It always seems to happen when I'm under quite a bit of stress or emotional strain. couldn't be that could it? (she asked sarcastically)

Which brings us right back around to the subject of "baggage", albeit a different variety. If we all carry a bit of emotional baggage with us, from our childhood, past relationships, hurts, etc...then there must be a 50 foot freakin' truck behind me. No wonder I walk around feeling as though I'm about to be plowed over. Add the emotional "crap" we pick up via our relationships with others and the bits of baggage we pick up from them and their relationships, etc., and my 50' freakin' truck just turned into a gosh danged runaway train! Holy sugar buns! Get out of the way, I have to make a run for it!

Hm, I'm feeling a bit loopy. But golly kids, I sure am entertaining myself this morning. Sugar...that is my "replacement" word. I use it in place of the word "chit" (you know what I mean). If I get really frustrated I say "oh, sugar shack!" Rylie doesn't know what word I am replacing (I don't think she does anyway), but she is too funny. She knows that "sugar shack" is more serious than plain old "sugar". If she hears me say "oh, sugar shack!", she will turn around and say "Mommmmy, don't say sugar shack. Say sugar."

Of course, I use the words "freak, fudge and jack" in place of the "biggie". Of course, "jack" has 2 different meanings in my vocab. I use it in place of the "F" word, but if I call the ol' man jack...well, that's mainly an abbreviation. You get the idea. LOL

Okay, I am finding no way to turn off my mind and it's weird and wild ramblings today, so I am just gonna say good-bye and don't let any sugar stick to your shoe. LMBO! Oh...I need to take a nap today.

Later kids,
Jill Marie


Indigo said...

Thanks for the smile, Jill opened up her head and let us get a peak inside. I have more of these days than not. Loved what you did with the background. I see you managed to get the few kinks out you were talking about. I'm the same with my bag (doesn't even get the defination of a purse). It's more of a man's shoulder bag that I can throw the strap over my head, leaving the bad sitting on my hip. Lugging Pickles everywhere I go, I have to have her Id tags (for working dog) water btl. collapsable water dish. Wallet, pens and writing pad (some people are difficult to read lips, so they get the honor of writing it all down)...I often wondered how I ever survived with just my cig. and id. Hope you catch up on your sleep hon. (Hugs)Indigo

Martha said...

Love this entry! I'm not sure which of your blogs to follow, guess I'll just follow them all :-)

Dawn said...

I carry an extremely small purse now that my kids are 11, 13, and 16 and the hubby - well, there's no hope there, but I refuse to carry their crap. And, they know it! LOL

be well...