Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Recipe--Easy Pot Roast and basic training

It's Monday, which means it's time for a recipe. I guess I'll follow the same format I did at my AOhelL journal. Monday-recipe, Tuesday-cleaning tip, Thursday-home remedy, other days are kind of whatever entries.

I've given this recipe several times, however it's one that I use a lot at home. It's a quick and easy recipe for Pot Roast.

Cheap Roast
"Cheap" Round Bone or Blade Cut Roast
1 pkg. dry onion soup mix
1 can cream of mushroom soupAluminum foil, wide heavy duty

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Tear off about 2 1/2 to 3 feet of foil. Fold in half. Lay roast in middle of foil. Spread both soups over roast. Wrap and seal so juices won't drip out. Cook 3 hours at 350 degrees. Be careful when you unwrap foil, so juices don't spill. Great because the cleanup is so easy!

Using the foil does make the cleanup easy, however if you don't have the foil don't worry about it. I spray my big pot with a non-stick spray and just throw it in there to cook. Sometimes I just make it in the crock pot.
This recipe is definately one of our favorites, Ray loves the gravy this meal makes on it's own. Serve with mashed potatoes and hot veggie. Although I usually just add peeled potatoes and carrots about an hour or hour and half before the time is up.

David (my oldest son at 22) got the big call on Thursday. He leaves for basic training at Fort Benning, GA on November 15. For those who don't know, David was suppose to leave last spring for basic training. However, when he got to Cleveland for the bus to leave, at the last minute someone noticed his lazy eye and told him they could not accept him. So David spent the next month collecting letters of recommendation from his eye doctor, his HS principal and a House Representative.

In August we found out that his fight for his right to serve his country had paid off and they would accept him. We've been waiting since then to find out when he would leave. Now we know...sigh.

Yeah...okay, so that isn't a recent picture of David, but that is probably how I'll always see him. This one is a more recent picture. I took it this past spring over at Swan Creek Park.

Yes, I am proud of my son and his desire to serve his country. I guess, as most mothers must be, I'm a bit ambivalent about the entire thing. However, I know that the experience will be good for him and teach him a lot. I'm just a wee bit afraid of where it is going to take my child to. Not to mention the possible dangers he may face.

Here's an interesting quote I'd like to leave you with today: "Most people search high and wide for the keys to success. If they only knew, the key to their dreams lies within." — George Washington Carver

Have a beautiful day!
Jill Marie
PS--Way cool little thing ya'll have over here at blog spot! I accidently shut down my computer when I was almost done with my entry. I logged back on and found that my entry had been saved as a draft. I am loving that little feature! :D


Sugar said...

recipesound yummy & easy. woo hoo!
you should be extra proud of your son for fighting so hard to serve. but yes afraid of the dangers as mothers are. God bless him, sending up a prayer for him.
don't forget to visit me & click on my followers tag, if you haven't already. :)

Indigo said...

Love that quote and the recipe. My SIL is held over in Mississippi until after Christmas when he will be deployed for Iraq. So I understand having someone serve at this time. (Hugs)Indigo

Delila said...

This is great info to know.