Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog HTML help needed, please

Okay, I've been playing around with my layout, colors, title background, etc. But what I now want to do is a wee bit more complicated. I want to add my own background ( to my blog. I've tried a few things, over and over, but am having no luck.

This is one of the things I found online and have been trying to do:
body {background-image: url(URL address of your image);

However, I am not having any luck with this. Can anyone out there help? Or refer me to someone who might be able to help me?

Much appreciation for any advice,
Jill Marie

PS~ If you happen to know the correct size (pixels width and height) for backgrounds, I'd appreciate that information too. :)


Indigo said...

Ok, I'm going to leave you with a link. You can make your own background with this one. It's just a matter of uploading a picture from your computer. If you know how to use a picture editing program it helps loads. The first step is lightening the picture to make it so you can read type on it. The picture should be mega big, I usually make a normal size picture 200 times larger. Once you go to the link I give you make sure you click transparent and centered. This way it will make sure your type can be read over the image.

Uploading it to your blog is as easy as adding a new gadget to your sidebar. Add the gadget that says html. Then just paste the copied code from the background maker into it, save and viola you have a new background.

One thing to remember is to change your type styles to your blog to bold so it's easier to read. Also use darker colors for text in journal entries.

I do believe the site I'm giving you has ready made background as well, you might want to check them out first to see if they have what your looking for. It should be on the sidebar under Blogger templates. Hope this helps(Hugs)Indy

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