Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Antiquated? Me?!

Me? I think of myself as a bit old-fashioned. As a matter of fact, if anyone from the family wants to know what I would like for Christmas or my birthday...I'd really like a few nice 1950's looking aprons. Ray and Rylie got me on last year, however, it was made to look like the front of Mrs. Claus clothes. Not something that I can really use all year long.
Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, being old-fashioned. I am. Not a perfect lil' June Cleaver version. Yes, I am old-fashioned however, I'm not stuck in "old" thinking. I don't believe that you have to be the same religion as me or your going to the hot spot for bad boys and girls. I don't believe I have to shove my thoughts, way of life and other beliefs down your throat. I don't even believe that a womans place is in the home. Mine yes, but not everyones.
Yes, I enjoy(ed) being barefoot and pregnant. For myself, there is no greater time than when I carried my children and my body held their developing little selves. It wasn't great for me health wise, but I loved it. I loved feeling my children moving and imagining their little faces, toes and fingers.
I loved rocking my babies to sleep. I love baking cookies and other treats for my children (even though most of them are on their own now). I love growing flowers from seeds and then harvesting seeds for the next year. I love growing my own vegetables. I love (even though it's a lot of work) making my own jams and jellies. I love a lot of things that so many young women wouldn't even think of doing. In essence, I love being a housewife and a mommy. I love taking care of and helping those I love. It's not all I am, but it is one of my most important contributions to those I care about.
Anyway, I realized that compared to a lot of woman today I am old-fashioned. So I got to wondering about the word and it's meaning. Here is what I found.

Main Entry: 1old-fash·ioned
Function: adjective
Pronunciation: -'fa-sh&nd
1 a : of, relating to, or characteristic of a past era b : adhering to customs of a past era

Main Entry: old-fashioned
Function: adjective
Text: 1 pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time
Synonyms antique, oldfangled, old-time, old-world, quaint
Related words antiquated, obsolete; historic, historical, olden, traditional; outdated, outmoded, out-of-date, outworn, passé; dated, fusty, moth-eaten, musty; aged, age-old, ancient, antediluvian, fossilized, hoary, venerable; bygone, erstwhile, former, late, past; forgotten, remote; ageless, dateless; timeless
Near Antonyms fresh, new, up-to-date; chic, fashionable, smart, stylish; modernized, refurbished, remodeled, renewed
Antonyms contemporary, hot, mod, modern, newfangled, new-fashioned, ultramodern
2 tending to favor established ideas, conditions, or institutions -- see CONSERVATIVE 1

Okay, yeah...I would say that I relate to "characteristics of a past era". Hm, but I like the phrase "pleasantly reminiscent of an earlier time". Yep, I like that one a lot. Um, I am not jumping up and down about the related words "antiquated, obsolete; historic, historical, olden, outdated, outmoded, out-of-date, outworn, passé; dated, fusty, moth-eaten, musty; aged, age-old, ancient, antediluvian, fossilized, hoary, venerable; bygone, erstwhile" and etc.
Well, I don't know why I felt this information necessary to include here. Just something to ramble on about, I suppose.
I'm not sure if I'll be by tomorrow. Ray has his stress test at 11 AM and they say it could take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. I am praying all is well and his symptoms of late are just a lil' bit of a freak thing. His BP is picture perfect, he's 5'11" and only weighs 160lbs. He is a smoker, but we're hoping to eliminate that nasty little habit. He's basically a very healthy male. And I know for a fact that he gets a LOT of "cardiovascular exercise". Uh, I believe it's considered cardio anyway. ;)
Okay, have a good night.
See ya later!
Jill Marie

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