Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not the same ol' pumpkin patch we went to as kids...

Hello, I hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend. I just thought I'd get on and update with what was going on around here with some fun pictures from Saturday.

We spent yesterday at a place called Wiards up in Michigan. We went with Ray's daughters, their spouses and children. It was a blast. I've been wanting to go some place like this with Rylie for the past 3 years.

That is a picture of a very excited Rylie as we got into the truck in the morning to leave. She talked all week about how we were going to a pumpkin patch with Aubreigh (her 21 mo. old niece).

It cost $10.95 per person (over the age of 2) to get in for the day. We thought it a tad expensive, for example, they should have had a lower price for children from age 3 to 6, or something. However, there was a lot to do once you got inside the gate. They had all kinds of blow up forts and slides for little ones. Face painting, miniature golf, sand art, apple cannons, hay rides and fire truck rides. We even went through the corn maze, which I had never done before.

This is Ray holding our grandson, Carter (11 mos.). The cute lil' red head next to him is our grand-daughter Aubreigh (21 mos.) and of course the little blonde posing like a model is our Rylie Jo.
I'm really not sure who had more fun yesterday, the little kids...or Ray. Shortly after taking this
picture we happened upon one of those "strong men" contests, where they hit the mark with a sledge hammer and try to ring the bell. Well, the girls significant others, Robert and Joe, decided to challenge Ray. So they went and bought tickets to give it a try. First Joe went and then Robert, they did okay...but they didn't hit the bell. Well, when it was Ray's turn, he said so "you think I can't ring the bell, huh?" And then the girl handed him the hammer, except it was a different one (Ray had talked to her while the boys were buying the tickets) and he turned and brought the smaller hammer down on the kiddie game and rang the bell.

This one is a picture of some of the kids on the hay ride. Steph (our oldest at 23) is in the center of the picture in the gray Old Navy hoodie and Aubreigh is sitting in front of her in the hay. Rylie is next is the bright yellow shirt, I loved that shirt, it made it super easy to find her in the crowd. Aimee (one of the middle kids at just 21) has the long black hair and is holding baby Carter. Carter and Aubs loved sitting in the hay and playing with it. It was a lot of fun. I wish I could get Ray alone on one of those wagons at night. ;)
Rylie hitched a ride with daddy as we walked over to the apple cannon, where Stephanie won a 2 day pass. From there we went on to the corn maze. First we all found our way out, except for Robert. Finally Joe decided to go back in the exit pathway to look for him. After about 3 minutes Robert came out the entrance pathway. Robert and Ray were jumping up to try and snag apples from the tree branches while we waited for Joe to find his way back out.

"I not tired Mama"
We spent several hours at Wiards and by the time we got in the truck to leave this was Rylie after about 10 minutes.

Well, after we left Wiards we stopped by a wood craft sale that an older couple were having in the driveway. We bought two big wooden Christmas Decorations for our yard. Then we all went out to eat. After that we stopped by Wal-Mart and then all came back to our house and played Euchre for a few hours. It was a long day but so much fun.
Have a good one!
Jill Marie

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