Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bread braids

Usually I get up early Sunday morning and fix a big breakfast. It's usually bacon and eggs, maybe some sausage gravy with biscuits or a pancake breakfast. This morning I slept in and just didn't feel like making a big ole breakfast so I grabbed one of the loaves of frozen bread dough that I had thawing in the fridge and improvised.

I used a knife to cut off slices, about 3/4 to an inch thick. Then I layed them down and cut two slices in them from about a quarter of an inch from the top all the way down to the bottom so that I had 3 strands coming from the top. Then I braided the strands of dough and pinched the bottom so they stayed together. I placed them into the hot oil in the pan on the stove and let them come to a nice golden color.

When they were down I placed them on a paper towel on a plate and them them cool down. Then I dipped them in some powdered sugar glaze I had made or I tossed them into some plain white sugar. (The picture is of some of the ones I made this morning.)

Ray and Rylie loved them. Ray liked them because the were good "dunkers". Rylie liked them just because they were something special and, of course, sugary. LOL

Well, I am busy trying to make sure I get everything we need around and ready to go for our trip on Wednesday. I just want to get on Map Quest and make sure we have some directions on how to get directly to the hotel.

Have a blessed day.
Jill Marie

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*Tracy* said...

they look sooooo good!