Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Remedy--Gum stuck in hair

I'm sure most of you have heard these tips before, but they are worth posting. If you're a mom then you've either had a child with gum in their hair or you will have at some point in time. LOL I had this happen to me once at a child. Apparently I went to sleep with gum in my mouth and it was in my hair when I woke up. Mom just grabbed the scissors if I remember correctly.

Gum in hair

*Soak the gum-coated hair in Coke® and it should wipe out easily.

*Use peanut butter. I know it sounds gross but it really works.

*Try vegetable oil. I've heard that using any kind of oil will quickly and safely remove gum from hair. Vegetable oil, baby oil, olive oil or vaseline.

I've used the peanut butter tip on one of my older kids when they were little. I used the vegetable oil to get very sticky gum off of Rylies face and hands. They really do work. Just make sure that, which ever tip you use, you wash their hair well afterwards. LOL

Well, less than a week to go until I see my boy. I am so flippin' excited. I guess they are all done with training and are just doing "recovery" now. Whatever that is, lol. I have to goals on this trip, to get my son and bring him home...and to stop at a Sonic's. I've never been to one. We don't have any up here, but I always see their commercials and I'd really like to stop and have lunch at one. LOL

Have a good day.
Jill Marie


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