Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cleaning the refrigerator

Good morning! Before I go into the trip or post any pictures I want to give ya'll these tips for cleaning your refrigerator.

Cleaning A Refrigerator

*Wash with a solution of equal parts water and white distilled vinegar.

*Or you can make a cleaning solution of 1/4 cup baking soda to 1 quart of warm water. Baking soda is a great sanitizer, brightener, and odor remover. You do not need to rinse off the baking soda unless you've used enough to leave a residue. Then you may wish to wipe it off with a clean, damp rag.

If you're going to deep clean on your refrigerator, you will want to remove all items making sure to either store perishables in another refrigerator or in a cooler, and place similar products together on your counter.

Remove all shelves and drawers, and them in the bathtub. Use your cleaning solution of choice or hot soapy water to wash down the inside of the refrigerator. If you use the soapy water mixture, you will need to wipe it off with a clean, damp towel to remove all traces of soap.

Give the drawers and shelves a scrubbing with a stiff brush or plastic scrubby, rinse well, shake off excess water, and dry. Then put them back and replace the food items.

If you use ice trays this is a good time to give them a good cleaning too. After having cleaned the inside of your refrigerator, be sure to wipe all jars, bottles, cans and other containers with a paper towel or clean cloth before putting them back. Rinse and wipe fresh fruits and vegetables before replacing. Line the drawers with paper towels for easier cleanup.
The trip down to Fort Benning was a long one but so very worth it. We got to Columbus, Georgia at about 10:30 PM on Wednesday night. Rylie has gotten car sick on trips that were over an hour long so I asked the pharmacist what I could give her to help with it. He recommended Benadryl. Apparently the ingredient in it helps with motion sickness.
Between the boredom of the car ride and the benadryl, Rylie slept a lot of the time. She was really well behaved for such a long trip.

We got up early and went to Fort Benning for the "Blues Ceremony" on Thursday. David looked so good standing there in his platoon. I don't think I've ever seen my son's face looking so chiseled and grown-up.
David is in the second row from the left and the 3rd one from the front. That fella with the olive green hat is drill Sgt. Cook. David really admired Sgt. Cook. I think he wants to be just like Sgt. Cook when he grows up. :)

They talked a bit about the boys and what they had done and what the Blue shoulder ribbon means. I didn't hear most of it, lol. I was too busy looking at my little boy who had been turned into this soldier. Then they gave us five minutes to walk down, put their ribbon on, talk to our son's and get a few pictures.

Rylie was so excited to see her big brother, I thought she was gonna choke him and then you know the Army would be after us for wounding their "property". LOL

And of course, Jill couldn't wait to get her arms wrapped around her fiance. Doesn't she just look so happy?

The proud Mom and her baby boy. LOL

David in the middle with his buddies Fording and Jones. I'd tell you their first names, if I knew them, but they all just call each other by their last names or nicknames.

And this is David with Sgt. Cook. These guys look so good in their uniforms. They told us at the orientation meeting that morning that our sons would be different than when they went there and they were right. Not just their physical appearance but we had sent our boys to basic training and they were sending back these men. I can't put my finger on any one thing but I can sense it, ya know?

I'll be back tomorrow to post some more pictures from the graduation ceremony on Friday. It was such an awesome thing to see.

Have a wonderful day.
Jill Marie

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