Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home Health Remedy for hangovers and more pictures

Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend...yippee skippy. LOL

Hang Over
Eat honey on crackers. The fructose in the honey will help to flush out the alcohol in your system.

*We use to eat something like a peanut butter sandwich before going to bed. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids the next day as part of the problem may be dehydration.

Well, let's see how this works today. I decided to just upload pictures to Flickr and then post them on here. That way I only had to wait once for all the pictures to upload rather than waiting for each one to upload on Blogger.

The speaker at the graduation ceremony started off by telling us that the new secret weapon of the Army wasn't any gun or tank. It was the soldiers, our sons. Then you could hear gun fire and tanks starting up. 100_1180 This is a picture after a tank had come zooming from our left and one had come from the other end of the stands to the right. They criss-crossed in the middle and the show began. When the tank stopped about 9 boys came out of the back of it. (There is actually only room for about 4 people back there) David was one of the first ones to come out. He was a part of this group that was called the Super Squad. It was so exciting to see him in action. 100_1182 (My child is the 4th from the left in this picture)
And I must confess, a bit scary too. was terribly frightening to see my child in full combat gear with a huge ole gun in his hands. The same hands that use to sit and patiently draw such exact and well defined pictures when he was only 3 or 4 years old.
So all these soldiers were walking towards us and stopped right in front of us. Luckily, David had told us where to sit the day before and we got some really good pictures. 100_1187
Yep, that's my little boy. And yes...I was standing there crying and crying. I can't explain the wide range of emotions I was feeling. And the fear of what may come. Not just for David, but for all those young men standing before us. It was really an overwhelming moment for me.100_1191 When the speaker got done explaining what responsibilities each soldier had and about his weapon they all backed up into this formation and then they started back to the tank in groups of 2 or 3. It was such a neat thing to see.
After this the platoons marched in and there was a lot more that the speaker talked about and the inspection of the troops. I don't remember a lot of it because my mind was wandering a bit. I had so many thoughts going through my head.
100_1209 These are the troops as they walked around the field past the grand stands. This was the last graduation ceremony to be held at Sand Hill. There was a Museum built and from now on all the graduations will be held there.

After we left Fort Benning we went up to Gretna to stop for a visit with Ray's brother, Tom, and his wife, Jeni. It was a great visit and we got to see the new house they bought a few years ago.
100_1230 This is a view of the sunset from their back deck, just off the kitchen. Isn't it beautiful?

We left on Sunday afternoon to head for home. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn somewhere, or something, and ended up going through the mountains rather than around them. That put us 60 miles out of our way. Although we did get to see some pretty scenery.100_1251 It was really beautiful and so unlike the flat landscape of Northwest Ohio. Except instead of getting home around 10pm we got in about a quarter after 12.

Well, I need to get busy around here. Today is Rylies 5th birthday. We are taking her and her little friend, Caitlin, to dinner at Chuck E. Cheese tonight. She is so excited. I hope she is not too disappointed in her birthday gift. A few outfits for the warmer weather and a CD.

Have a beautiful day.
Jill Marie


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